Learn About Restore

About Us

We spent time talking to people on the phone who wanted to pay their debt but didn't have the cash to pay. We asked them if they were buying toothpaste, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. The answer was yes. The idea was born that day. Restore is a shopping rewards platform founded in 2017, determined to create a disruptive innovation in the consumer debt cycle that is customer-centric. We started Restore to help people spend less time worrying about old debt, and more time achieving the life we all want without disrupting their paychecks. Revolutionizing the way debt is paid, Restore gives your shopping power a purpose.

Our Mission

We have a mission to make life easier; we designed a process that is focused on delivering a positive experience; making it easy for users to shop for the things they need while also getting rid of their past-due debts. Restore wants to shed light on an industry that is mostly in the dark. We want to give people a second chance to get their finances in order because we know... life happens.

Why Restore

It's simple. Because it's a win-win solution. Our users get rid of their account balances, for free, just by buying the things they need. The account holder gets the relief of paid off accounts and Restore earns commission on your purchases.

Our Team

Amanda Jacobsen

COO & Co-Founder

Amanda spent years researching the consumer debt space in order to understand the specific challenges for individuals in financial hardship with unpaid debt. As head of business development, content strategy, user on-boarding & operations, she oversees partnerships and their integration into Restore and manages the company’s consumer data and marketing strategies. Her mission is to help people live better lives.

Jonathan Crawford

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan is an experienced tech founder in San Francisco. With a background in software engineering & design, Jonathan founded Storenvy.com in 2010 to empower small business owners to realize their visions. After selling Storenvy to Alibaba in 2016, he went on to mentor over 100 startups around the world.

Jonathan was raised by a single mother and learned about the impact that financial hardship can have on families. He brings a passion for empowering people, over a decade of experience in e-commerce, and seasoned leadership & team-building skills to Restore in order give people their financial freedom back.